Human-Nature is a project aiming to collect and circle a rich and wide artistry wich often takes visionary features.
To make it possible to overview the frontline of the range of quite different creating activities and
to be able to see how they are connected to each other and follow the streams, there is four main themes:

Human Nature Mystic(/Art) Work

These are the main themes of interest that inspire and challenge this artistic aspiration

This words could be put against each other as opposites, trigging a flow of thoughts and visions
or to be combined to form new meanings and possibilities.

In the beginning they were used to separate two different features of my occupation.
The more extrovert works which included pedagogical issues together with people and the making of gardens.
Human and Nature
Those activities was restricted between certain frames and still very depending on the watering from wells that is harder to describe with words and oten brings more confusion than clarity in official spaces. For me a few of those wells have been art and poetry, meditation and storytelling, the trying and failure, and deep urge to try again, -in gardening, constructing, illustrating, social relations and most of all: the sculptural carving in wood. These more introvert issues was branded wit the words
Mystic and Work
Later on when I reached the arena of antroposofic inspired socialtheraphy the need for divorcing the two levels of activities disappeared and the four main themes transformed to a set of twelve combinations of words that more fully describes the complexity of the challenge. Here´s the twelve themes:

Human Nature-

Human Mystics

Human Work- cultural historic issues, like in re-invent and keeping life in ancient knowledge and technics

Natural Human- experiments in how we could find endurable ways to live with ourselves and the nature

Natural Mystic-

Natural Work-

Mystic Human-

Mystic Nature-

Mystic work-

Working Human-

Working Nature-

Working Mystic-