Craftvillage – Hantverksbyn

The Craftvillage started back in the early nighties as a performance of craftspeople to entertain the youth who attended the youth-meetings at the Rudolf Steiner Seminar in Ytterjärna, Sweden.
The Main-thought was to show the kids what is possible to create if there is some skilled, or at least very dedicated craftspeople gathered. The kids were also invited to join the event as a workshop or just to shoulder up and carry the building-project further.
At the 10 year anniversary of the original craftvillage, the members were invited to form the Village again and the Antroposophic youth-movements need to give the kids hands-on experiences lead to some more engagements.
First arrangement was to attend to a global youth-gathering in Sao Paolo in Brazil. The stay in Braszil started with a turn of crafts education for the co-workers of an antroposophic kindergarten and then to form a regular Craftvillage at the conference site.

Heres a presentation from the swedish craftsmagazine Hemslöjden.